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Re-Marks for ANY print. Graphite, Color-pencil or a Water-color overlay. Like the West Point Class Crest, Fly-Lure or a significant element will PERSONALIZE your print and add value to your artwork.

Tell me what you would like to see it come together.

*PERSONALIZE* this print with the Class Crest and Graduate's Name.   Detailed graphite drawing 18"w x 13"h, LIMITED to 500/Hand-Signed. Specialize it more by adding a Branch Insignia.

  • PRINT ONLY   $120 + $25 ship/tube
  • PRINT + Re-Mark  $250 + $30 Shipping/flat
  • COMBO - Framed to hang  $375 FREE Shipping                  

Personalize it with a Re-Mark

USMA Graduates & Re-Mark

*PERSONALIZE* this print with the Wedding Date, Bride and Groom's Name along with the Vintage Year of Matrimony to show on the bottle. Depicting 12 iconic images of Love & Unity in detailed graphite.  LIMITED SIGNED Prints on Pro-grade Textured paper.

  • PRINT ONLY   $75 + $25 ship/flat board
  • PRINT + FRAME/MATT  $170 + $30 Shipping/box
  • Please Confirm NAMES & DATE!                     

Personalize This ArtWork

*NEW* - Each print is individually made and Hand-Signed. If you want a special size, JUST ASK! 

​PERSONALIZE your print with a Special ​Re-Mark. A Re-Mark is an ORIGINAL drawing added to your print.

*NEW* - Custom Framing is available. Tell me what you like or choose the "Artist's Selection" made ready to hang.

Commission Your Own Work of Art: Tell me your idea for a special work of art significant to you.

*NEW* ArtWork 

*NEW* REMARK - Watercolor & Ink addition to the graphite drawing "Miss Jodi" Print. Original painting and detailing makes each remark one of a kind and HAND SIGNED

  • 14"w x 11"h    please contact                                          
  • Want Custom Size and Framing, please ask

Custom & Unique